Getting your policyholders back in their own clothes lets them know you are working hard on their behalf and gives them faith that life will return to normal. Evans can deliver a week’s worth of clothes, shoes and other requested items the very next day – even when they have suffered heavy smoke damage!


The secret is our?patented process?that utilizes?high-saturation ozone washing?instead of air ozone deodorizing. While conventional methods using air ozone require 24 to 72 hours or more to effectively deodorize garments, the Evans patented process uses high-saturation ozone washing to remove odors and soot in minutes!

Because the Evans patented process provides such fast and effective garment and soft goods restoration, we can provide a week’s worth of emergency clothes the very next day, at no additional charge!

Not only does this get the policyholder back on the road to recovery but it dramatically reduces additional living expenses and conserves policy limits.