We strive to constantly improve our processes, which is how we developed three proprietary processes including one of the industry’s only patented garment restoration system (U.S. Patent #7, 141, 124 B2). That’s how Evans restores more items!

The Secret to Our Patented Process is in the Water!

The secret to our patented process is in our water! Evans invented a system of?high-saturation ozone washing?that allows us to deliver dramatically superior results, and deliver them quickly when you need them the most.
Not only is this process far more effective than ozonated air at restoring even heavy smoke damage, but it does so very quickly. Our system eliminates the delays and potential damage that are factors when utilizing air ozone systems, all while removing odors and soot simultaneously!

Ozonated Air is Slow and Ineffective

Other companies attempt to remove smoke and other odors from garments and soft goods in ozonated air chambers. The major drawback to this method is that 24 to 72 hours or more of air treatment is necessary to effectively remove odors, especially smoke.

Another drawback of using ozonated air is that airborne ozone degrades rubber, causing elastic in clothes to lose its elasticity. Air ozoning also has the downside of removing smoke odors but not soot, which must be removed in a separate process.

Leading the Way in Ozone Washing

Evans has set a new standard for the industry with the introduction of?“high-saturation ozone washing”?systems, which introduces ozone into the wash water.

Other ozone washing systems sometimes used by retail dry cleaners typically inject ozone bubbles into the wash water. This method is only able to attain a 24% ozone saturation rate, which is not effective on smoke odors and can result in free ozone that causes fading of colored items.

The cutting edge of ozone washing technology is found in one of the industry’s only patented processes, granted to Mike Rusciolelli of Evans Garment Restoration, LLC. Not only is this process far more effective at restoring even heavily smoke damaged items but it does so almost immediately, without the delays of air ozone systems. And, this system removes smoke odors and soot at the same time.

This patented process differs from other ozone washing systems in that it utilizes a careful balance of ozone, temperature and special additives. The ozone is mixed in a vacuum, which results in a remarkable 90% ozone saturation rate. This patent also shows that ozone works best at 55°F, requiring the use of equipment designed to maintain this temperature.

This system of ozone washing represents an evolutionary giant step forward in terms of?dramatically increasing the amount of items that can be successfully restored. Evans encourages you to take the Evans challenge and use Evans for your next five claims and then compare them to five losses processed by our competition in terms of replacement and restoration cost. You’ll see for yourself the dramatic difference that our patented process makes.

Another major benefit of superior ozone washing systems is the ability to?deliver emergency clothes to policyholders the day after the pack out?– even when they have been contaminated with heavy smoke. Policyholders have suffered a terrible trauma and being able to be back in their own clothes the very next day imparts a sense of normalcy and gives them confidence that their life will get back on track.